APRILSKIN Fixing Foundation, is it worth the hype?

Aprilskin is a Korean skincare and make-up brand that became popular with their most raved products like their magic stone soap and magic snow white cream.

They are also known by producing the multi-awarded cushion foundations in the market for giving high amount of coverage on every human skin.

April Skin’s multiple award-winning Magic Snow Cushion is a bestseller for obvious reasons. Acne scars, Blemishes, Discoloration, this cushion has you covered with just a few quick pats.

Natural-looking but complete makeup coverage helps to conceal scars, hyper pigmentation, pimples, and even smooths fine lines.


As of the moment, this foundation has 3 kinds:

Firstly,  Aprilskin Magic Snow Cushion Foundation Black 2.0 which said to be the best for Oily/Combination Skin.

Secondly, Aprilskin Magic Snow Cushion Foundation White 2.0 for Dry/Combination Skin.

And lastly, Aprilskin Magic Snow  Fixing Cushion Foundation (Matte Finish).

I am currently living in Dubai and we all know that Dubai’s climate is very hot so I chose and tried  the Aprilskin Magic Snow  Fixing Cushion Foundation (Matte Finish) plus I am a fan of matte makeups too!



So here’s the packaging of the product. It’s a pink matte box with a hologram border and the printed brand name which I find it very nice and clean. Made me more excited to open the product! Yay!


Further more, the upper side was clearly noted the product name and the shade number.

It has 3 shades available, here are as follows:

21 – Light Beige

22- Pink Beige

23 – Natural Beige

I chose the darkest shade which is the shade #23 since I am an Asian and doesn’t have a fair complexion. So no.1 tip guys! This is a korean cosmetics so we have to consider the shades they produce are always base on their korean skin type and we all know that in Korea, most of the women has a fair complexion of skin. So I always choose the darkest shade to be safe and I think shade #23 will suits me well.


So here’s the backside of the packaging, which is basically has the product details on it, written in Korean characters. Which also includes the product name and the SPF it contains, the product weight and the shade number.

Also, it has a hologram sticker on which we can determine that the product is 100% authentic from Korea.


Bottom side noted the manufacture and expiration date which is very important and personally, that is the first thing I always check whenever I am buying Makeups or Skin cares.



And there you go! My precious Aprilskin Fixing Cushion Foundation! How cute is that! I’m so in love with this packaging!

The container is also in a matte texture which matches it’s type. Nicely embossed its holographic  brand name on it.


Comes with a full compact size mirror which I find it good for easy retouching moment! When you open the compact, you will find this little cute pink and white combi sponge here. This is actually called a CUSHION PUFF which works perfectly on these types of foundation.

I’ve seen a lot of these all over the social media. They were way too different  with the typical foundation we’re all used to. In terms of applying the item on your face, you have to do it in a tapping motion instead of just putting it on a brush or sponge and wiping it all out on your face.

If you open the cover of this compact, you will see that the item is still sealed, and this sticker seal noted some reminders, which are as follows:

  • Please remove the sticker before using.
  • Please ensure that the cover is closed after use.


Upon removing the sticker, you will see the item in this state. It’s using an innovative Mesh Netting function which ensures even application.

Here are the swatches I made and test on my fingers and hand.


As you can see, this shade perfectly matches my skin!

Now, I will try to show you have this product looks like when it is being applied.


Now, the picture above is taken in room light. I applied the product on my left hand and i will show you the difference of it between my right hand.


This is the foundation in a natural light.


This shot was taken in a room light.


This shot was taken in a natural light.


I love the way that this shade matches my skin. I think, I found this shade perfect for my skin tone. It is a light weight foundation. Very wearable any time of the day. Considering that I am currently living in a desert country. This compact is way too perfect for me. This a real MATTE FOUNDATION, in a true sense of the word! I have watched and seen all the of these product advertisement and thought that this a just too gimmick-y but they do prove me wrong! They are true to what they claimed to be. With regards of it’s packaging up to the quality of the product, this is just so PERFECT!

High Coverage –  Check!

Light Weight – Check!

Natural Finish – Check!

Matte Finish – Check!

Longevity – Check!

No cakeyness– Check!

What else should I say?! So for all the matte makeup fans there! This cushion foundation is the one for you!

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